1. My 'sales pitch' for why I might be the right tutor for you
  2. My high school marks and awards
  3. My medical school offers

My 'sales pitch' for why I might be the right tutor for you

🙋‍♂️ I’m all about learning, not memorising.

In the delivery of tuition sessions, I will systematically break down difficult topics and explain clearly how to maximise marks, but also demonstrate the intuition behind them. They're not "lessons" as such - more a collaborative process, and I often even ask my students to explain ideas to me to test their knowledge! As a result, my students often are equipped with both a deeper understanding of why, not just how, which prepares them for future learning which build on this intuition. I try to structure these sessions on key areas which students either find difficult intuitively or struggle to execute, instead of focusing on rote-memorisation of how to do a question. For example, while it's easy to recite the core principles of Faraday and Lenz's Law, or recall the formula for the turning point of a parabola, you'll never be asked to define these terms in an exam. Instead, you'll have to apply these principles in more complex questions. As a successful student myself, I've come to learn that intuition is key, and so I work with students to develop these key conceptual understandings.

✅ My strategies are proven.

Not only have I used them myself to achieve great results, but I'm known in the school community as a great helper, which is why I'm often casually approached for help by students after school in the library. I also founded, ran, and taught at the Hale School Programming Club, assisted and taught at the Year 7/8 Maths Enrichment Club, and every Friday morning would help struggling maths students with their homework at Peer Tutoring. And my involvement with the community isn't just academic; this year, I coached a Year 7 debating team that made the semi-finals of the WA Debating League and took on various leadership roles within the school. I also voluntarily gave introductory university-level chemistry lectures over the holidays to advanced Year 11 students as enrichment, covering topics like organic mechanisms, analytical chemistry, and basic quantum theory! I do all this because I love to teach, and I'm passionate about engaging with students of all kinds and academic abilities.

✏️ I’ve taught before... but I’m still new to this!

Of course, I'm still learning how to teach. While I have experience working in classrooms and private tuition (for three years now), I know that every student and every situation is different, which is why I try to adapt my teaching style to suit my students. I believe that an open-minded and collaborative approach to teaching - as opposed to blindly reading from a preprepared workbook - is crucial.

I've worked with all kinds of students with varying academic abilities. This includes struggling C-grade students, who have gained confidence and seen their marks rise noticeably thanks to hard work, practice, and my help, and I've also been fortunate enough to inspire and help incredibly talented academic achievers who want to enrich their knowledge through Olympiad maths and chemistry work.

If you are looking for a passionate and academically capable educator with a good understanding of the requirements of high school, one who will teach you not only your school subjects but also how to excel at them - send me a message!

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

My high school marks and awards

SubjectScaled markNote
Mathematics Specialist100%
Literature100%2nd highest mark in the state
Mathematics Methods94.8%Accelerated; this was a disappointing result

School awards:

My medical school offers

I know what it's like to apply for medical school, having gone through the program myself. My UCAT was 3200 (with technical issues) and I received 1st round offers from every state I applied to.

I'm still involved with the medical school applicant community, as a moderator of the r/UCAT Discord server which now has around 6,000 members. I actively help out aspiring students where I can.

I hold a free annual Interview tips seminar where I give prospective applicants some simple, practical advice on how to succeed during the face-to-face medical interview process. It'll be back this year - watch out!

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