Hi! I'm a former student who now works with high school students to help them improve. I'm passionate about sharing what I learnt in high school to help students perform at their best.

I studied the WACE curriculum and scored a perfect ATAR of 99.95. My TEA was 420/430. I also received a scaled score of 100% in Specialist Mathematics and was ranked 2nd in the state in Literature.

At the moment, I'm a Chancellor's Scholar (and Honours List recipient) at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Statistics. I plan to pursue a Doctor of Medicine after my undergraduate degree through the guaranteed entry program. (Some other offers I received)

I also do some research work (bioinformatics) at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne. I plan to write more about my journey into academic research, and the transition from high school into university. If you're an ambitious student and are interested in research, I'd love to chat.

I offer tuition for both individuals and small group classes. My current rate for 1-1 classes is $80/h.

This page is a small collection of the resources, write-ups, and guides which I've made over the years. If you have any suggestions for new articles, please do get in touch!

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